There’s a first time for everything

Everything we do in life has a beginning…a first time. It’s scary! But without those experiences, where would we be? Stagnant and with no new hobbies, friends or memories. One beginning this new chapter in my life, I’m all about first time experiences – everything is new. Today I took my shiny new bike (who … Continue reading

Cocktail party!

Last night, I successfully hosted my first cocktail party in Baltimore! I originally wanted to have people over as a housewarming gathering, but it turned into more of a ‘thank you’ gathering for so many wonderful new friends who were so generous while I was in the hospital. It was great to have new and … Continue reading

Bike Bmore

I knew that moving to the city meant finding new ways of transportation. I refused to drive in he city when I lived here before and want to continue this philosophy. I sacrificed living near the metro to be in the neighborhood I wanted, so biking it is! Who would have ever thought?! I LOVE … Continue reading

Labor Day/Meatless Monday!

Happy Labor Day! Since being sick last week, I haven’t been able to do any cooking. It’s basically driving me crazy!! I’m also still a little restricted on what I can and cannot eat; however I have to cook…so here goes. I started with some homemade granola bars using a modified version from this blog: … Continue reading

Welcome home

After unpacking and decorating everything inside, I needed something to say ‘welcome’ to anyone who may visit. So, for about $30, I was able to create this easy DIY wreath with supplies from michaels. I started with a basic vine wreath and kept the simple white letter for the side. I made an orchid arrangement … Continue reading

Baltimore Space

Finally settled in Charm City! I couldn’t be happier! My new place is a converted convent attached to the Catholic Church. My specific apartment is what used to be the Chapel area. The original stained glass remains and gives the apartment such great character. The move was as seamless as I could have hoped for … Continue reading

Blueberry Salmon

Being in Pinehurst this summer has been such a blessing…in many ways. I have always loved the Village: it’s peaceful, friendly and relaxed. There isn’t a place I would have rather been to study for the Board exam. Surprisingly, the weather was so nice through most of the summer, which allowed for mornings spent studying … Continue reading

Exactly what I want?

How many times in life can you say you got “exactly” what you wanted? I think it’s a difficult feat. However, I enjoy getting exactly what I want…hence the title of this blog. I want to have my cake and eat it, too. I found this chair on Pinterest: And I fell in love. My … Continue reading