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Oat-Crusted Quiche

Ever since making the Chelsea’s Restaurant quiche for Momma’s birthday brunch last year, I have been obsessed with quiche. I found this great healthy quiche recipe from Cooking Light and made a few modifications to the add-ins. It was delicious, except a little too spinach-y for me (yes, apparently that is possible!). Since it was … Continue reading

St Patricks day

This St. Patrick’s Day weekend was probably one of my most favorite weekends in the city! Saturday started with a long (7 mile) run along the harbor with Carolina and a stop at Anthropologie post-run 🙂 It was so beautiful out and everyone was celebrating in green  -yes, even at 1pm it had already started. … Continue reading

Gluten-free pancakes + the Bachelor

We all know Juan Pablo is a whole new level of terrible. Everyone on the bachelor has some level of shallowness about them (ok, and maybe everyone who watches it), but seriously? Juan Pablo is just extreme. Every other word out of his mouth is “honest, beautiful, izz okaaay.” His English vocabulary must be severely … Continue reading

Weekend with the Parents!

I was so thankful to have my wonderful parents in town this past weekend. They love Baltimore almost as much as I do, so I am always excited to take them back to their favorite spots and try new ones! Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal, but we typically spend our weekends eating anyway…the weather … Continue reading

Baltimore Restaurants: The Helmand

A few friends and I have decided to try a new restaurant in Baltimore each week. In addition to my weekly “photo updates,” I am going to attempt to also review each of the restaurants. Here’s the first: The HELMAND. It is Afghan cuisine and very unique. Located in the heart of Mt. Vernon on … Continue reading

What have I been doing with my life?!

As I reflect on the past year, it has been a complete whirlwind! I received a doctorate degree, regained a sense of independence in my life and became more familiar with what I really wanted in life, visited Addy in Vegas, saw Addy in D.C., accepted my dream job, passed the PT board exam, had … Continue reading

There’s a first time for everything

Everything we do in life has a beginning…a first time. It’s scary! But without those experiences, where would we be? Stagnant and with no new hobbies, friends or memories. One beginning this new chapter in my life, I’m all about first time experiences – everything is new. Today I took my shiny new bike (who … Continue reading

Cocktail party!

Last night, I successfully hosted my first cocktail party in Baltimore! I originally wanted to have people over as a housewarming gathering, but it turned into more of a ‘thank you’ gathering for so many wonderful new friends who were so generous while I was in the hospital. It was great to have new and … Continue reading

Bike Bmore

I knew that moving to the city meant finding new ways of transportation. I refused to drive in he city when I lived here before and want to continue this philosophy. I sacrificed living near the metro to be in the neighborhood I wanted, so biking it is! Who would have ever thought?! I LOVE … Continue reading