St Patricks day




This St. Patrick’s Day weekend was probably one of my most favorite weekends in the city! Saturday started with a long (7 mile) run along the harbor with Carolina and a stop at Anthropologie post-run 🙂 It was so beautiful out and everyone was celebrating in green  -yes, even at 1pm it had already started. We even got some beads along the run at Captain James! Carolina and I met up with Rachel later and went out in Fells and Canton. I really loved going out in Canton – it was crowded and definitely a little crazy, but a fun crowd! And, I discovered that I am a huge fan of Guinness and Irish Car Bombs – basically, if it has Bailey’s, I’m in.

Awkward moment of the night: I met Spicy Mike there (and his “friends” are actually 2 really strange girls he works with…weird). But, guess who else was there?! Michigan Mike’s clique. Oh dear. It went fairly smoothly, so I’m not too concerned; not that I’ve heard from Michigan Mike anyway so who cares. And why did Spicy Mike think he was going to say a gazillion really nice things to me and make serious plans to see me “consistently” and convince me to stay over in Fells?! He is so done. Pretty sure I don’t give off the vibe that I’m that kinda girl, so he needs to move on.

DSC_0049 DSC_0054 DSC_0058 DSC_0061To continue my St. Patrick’s celebration (after the parade down Charles St.), I made turkey sweet potato sheperd’s pie and Irish Soda bread. It was okay, but I don’t think either are really my type of food. I substituted dried figs for the raisins in the Soda bread.

Thanks for the recipes, SkinnyTaste!

For lunch this week, I wanted to eat everything green, so I found this great salad recipe from Oh She Glows. I just LOVE her recipes- always healthy, filling and make me feel great about myself! It seriously makes me feel like a powerhouse haha. I ate this one too quickly to get a picture, but here’s the website!

And, I have a new obsession with pistachios! I splurged because, why not?, I wanted everything to be green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Can’t wait until next year so I have an excuse to do an Irish Car Bomb!


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