Oat-Crusted Quiche


Ever since making the Chelsea’s Restaurant quiche for Momma’s birthday brunch last year, I have been obsessed with quiche. I found this great healthy quiche recipe from Cooking Light and made a few modifications to the add-ins.

It was delicious, except a little too spinach-y for me (yes, apparently that is possible!). Since it was frozen spinach and just mostly egg whites, it tasted a lot like pure cooked spinach. I think I may try using fresh shredded spinach next time. To modify, I just added asparagus, sliced Roma tomatoes to the vegetable list. I used shredded swiss to mix into the batter of the quiche, then topped with sliced brie. This was awesome for breakfast with some orange slices and then I had it for lunch the next week with a fresh salad.

The remainder of my weekend was spent with a nice long run (9 miles!) and a definite indicator that I need new shoes. And then a quick 25-mile bike ride with Jay and the club. Actually, definitely not a quick ride – there were turns every 1/2 mile or so to wind through neighborhoods, so we couldn’t build up any speed and for some reason there was tons of traffic. So weird. Looking forward to warmer weather and a little more enjoyable rides!

My Junior League meeting this week was great – they had a financial advisor come in to chat with us about saving and retirement. She explained that Roth IRAs are more profitable in the long run than traditional, but I keep hearing mixed reviews. Thoughts? I went out for drinks after with some girls from the League at Shoo-Fly. It’s a super cool restaurant in Belvedere Square owned by Woodberry Kitchen. They have lots of organic and locally sourced comfort foods and really great Hot Toddies 🙂

Also, men officially SUCK. Spicy Mike could not be more of a complete ass. He cancelled for time #2 this weekend…this is all after meeting me out at like midnight the night before and trying to convince me to stay over in Fell’s (again). He walked into the bar Friday, did a shot with his “friends” and then texted to tell me he was there. What a lush. I kinda think it’s funny that he’s putting so much effort into making dinner plans with me and then concocting really great excuses as to why he can’t go. It seems like a lot of trouble just to be a total dick.

Oh, and I called my ex. That happened. Jay convinced me I needed some closure, but I’m not sure it helped the situation AT ALL. Especially after Spicy Mike’s antics. Luckily, Rachel came over and calmed me down a bit after speaking to Wes. It was pretty emotional and now I’m not sure what’s going on…ugh. Sometimes I am a TOTAL idiot.




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