Back to Basics

This was the last weekend before Lent giving up all of my evil vices -enter coffee, sweets and wine…well, let’s me honest, I have expanded my horizons past wine at this point but who’s keeping track. Unlike my great friends who are giving up boys and bread (really? Really.), I’m sticking to my usual but with a little more moderation this year. We all know how well I handle moderation…I’m more of an all or nothing kinda girl. This year, it means time to refresh and get back to basics.

The past 6 months here have been an absolute whirlwind and I haven’t stopped living it up for a second (well, maybe for a hot minute when I fractured my sacrum and olecranon, but it wasn’t long enough to even mention here). During my pre-6month performance review at work this week, my supervisor discussed my communication skills and my ‘vibe’ in the gym. Turns out I need to have more fun and help my patients have a good time. Have more fun at work? Is this for serious my life right now? This is likely easier for some people to comprehend. Meanwhile, I looked at her like she had a third eye. Then I cried. Yes, so unprofessional, but I truly believe I love my patients more than anyone and only want the best outcome, so it’s so hard to hear that they may have misinterpreted this as condescending. After much thought (and some much needed girl talk and consolation from Rachel on a late run), I have decided to make some serious changes.

*remember there is more to healing than the physical
*every aspect of my session does not have to be perfect
*just be me
*talk, talk! and ask questions
*be in the moment during treatments and enjoy it! My career is AWESOME and I need to exemplify this and be happy while doing it…I am spending 50 hours a week there. Get it together.

Despite this little setback Shock factor, I had an awesome weekend with so many important people in my life. And met some great new ones to add to my list of Baltimore friends! Here are some highlights:

Friday was so much better at work and was able to spend some time being ‘social’ at work instead of worrying and being so nervous about doing the right treatments…maybe there IS a reason I broke my arm. I even went to happy hour with co-workers and was shocked at how great it felt to just get to know people outside of work and connect with them on a different level. I celebrated my co-workers birthday later and enjoyed some homemade mocha chocolate cupcakes her boyfriend made. He also infused raspberries and strawberries in vodka to mix with wine. Fantastic! I skipped the ice skating before the party so I didn’t jeopardize yet another broken bone. I’ve done enough ice skating for one winter.

I started Saturday with a junior league fireside chat. Think bloody Mary’s with jalapeño vodka. Then I learned to make it…SO easy. Even jalapeño jam is quite simple to put together! The women I have met are so great! Well, let’s overlook crazy one at the fireside chat who was one Bloody Mary away from hell and aggressively smoking an electronic cigarette. Not quite the pearl-wearing, classy junior league lady. She also would not stop talking about her dating life. Trust me, it’s not a visual you want at 10am on a Saturday.

Pastor Sue and her husband came over for cake and coffee that afternoon and I could not have asked for more uplifting conversation. And I was thankful to serve them Mom’s Rave reviews cake made with love ( and the kitchen aid, obviously!)




Sunday continued my low key but social weekend with a Hons group social for the Junior League. We had a simple potluck (always interesting…people just don’t cook! And sometimes don’t even bring anything!!). I brought homemade baba gannoush with pita. It’s clear to me that I should move to the Mediterranean…I have eaten pita, hummus and been to Byblos more times this week than is like to admit. Let’s be honest, it’s delicious.


What a refreshing weekend! I’m so ready for the Lenten season and bringing it back to basics!!

Oh, things I left out: awesome dinner and convo with Ellie at Baba’s Saturday night! Definitely ordering the lamb kabob again (see! Can’t get enough Mediterranean food…I digress). Also, decided I kinda missed spicy mike…even after deciding he was way less exciting and adventurous than renaissance boy. That was likely a terrible lapse in judgement. Anyway, I admit it, I texted him. Shocker! He left his friends he was supposedly out with to meet us at Horse you Came in On (highly recommend the apple cider whiskey with ginger ale). So thankful I decided to go out-can’t wait to see where this leads…always an adventure!


Oh, and I made an Easter door decoration! Because it needs to be spring. Instead of book pages, I used the church bulletin with the scripture readings. It seemed more Easter-appropriate and I didn’t have to destroy a book. Whew! Busy weekend but ready to take on the work week!


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