Spontaneity + Woodberry Kitchen

I love those weekends that I think I have all planned out, everything falls a party, then comes together way better than originally planned. This was one of those weekends and I can’t wait to share (mostly pictures)!!

My broken arm didn’t stop me this weekend! And the sermon Sunday summed up everything I needed to hear. Christ asks we be ‘perfect’ in every way. We can’t realistically be perfect, but we can be perfect in our way…the way Jesus has made us. Striving to be generous and loving is being our perfect selves. I want to remember this this week and in the future as I go on this journey to love myself and find my independence and purpose.

I had a great Friday night girls chat and chocolate with Rachel, explored Annapolis with Paige after my CT scan Saturday, had a beautiful long run in fells point followed by marking a restaurant off of my Baltimore bucket list!! Woodberry Kitchen! Then a fun night out at PBR for a coworkers birthday. Sunday was church, volunteering at the wise penny, the Walters Art Museum with Karen followed by homemade bread making. Whew!! I need a weekend to rest! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh and I have to say out loud, well, write out loud…I fell AGAIN on black ice. This is number THREE. Count them…1-sacrum, 2-olecranon, 3-just embarrassment. I had to move my car at 6:30 am on a Saturday so I wouldn’t be towed from the high school. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was more black ice! Thankfully it was a softer landing. Oh spring, please hurry!!



Delicious oysters by the water in Annapolis! And I found the cutest things for Bree in the little shops the bunny is a Danish company and it just reminded me of our trip to Copenhagen last year.


I can’t even talk about Woodberry kitchen…I enjoyed every last second of my swordfish. Perfectly cooked, best local maryland wine ever and a rich but perfectly balanced peach cheesecake for dessert. And topped with meaningful conversation with Jay.





This restaurant lived up to all the hype and then some. The atmosphere is a bit rustic and exudes my favorite feeling of quintessential fall. Even a cocktail menu full of unique gins and bourbons. I ordered a decaf coffee to have with our cheesecake and they delivered it in a French press and a sand timer for the perfect brew. Fabulousness! Can’t wait to go back!

I completed my weekend by making some homemade multigrain bread. I’m still learning the nuances of this art but we are getting there! I just love the hearty feel of homemade bread. I admit this loaf was a little chewy and dense but great toasted for breakfast. I’m blaming my freezing cold apartment and arctic winter as I think the bread just needed to rise a little longer.



What’s your best bread recipe? Please share recipes and suggestions!

Already looking forward to next weekend and whatever spontaneous adventures it may bring…this weekend may be hard to top! Oh, and let me close with this (because a Baltimore weekend is never complete without a boy story, right?). I went to PBR Saturday against my wishes because I need to be more social with this group of coworkers. Turns out I met a super nice guy who is friends with my man-whore coworker. He seemed interested and different since I thought he was somewhat sober. I’m dying at work today because he kept texting me once it was home -sure I could have ended the convo, but what fun would that have been?! He wanted to know my last name so he could “Facebook stalk”. A little weird. Anyway, haven’t heard from him since in typical Baltimore style. Maybe my Facebook wasn’t exciting enough. Oh well…stay tuned haha.


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