What have I been doing with my life?!

As I reflect on the past year, it has been a complete whirlwind! I received a doctorate degree, regained a sense of independence in my life and became more familiar with what I really wanted in life, visited Addy in Vegas, saw Addy in D.C., accepted my dream job, passed the PT board exam, had many adventures in Pinehurst, moved to Baltimore…and that’s when it gets really, really crazy…

To have only lived in this amazing city for less than 5 months, I have had adventure after adventure and met more friends than I could have ever hoped. I am constantly taking photos and making memories, thinking I need to blog about them; however, the adventures are getting in the way. I just NEVER sit down (I’m only doing it now because I have a free afternoon with the snow today!). In my mind, this is amazing…how many people can say they have so many fun things to do that they don’t sit down!? Like, I said, I am taking pictures so I have decided the best way to continue this blog is to just post pictures and captions. My goal is to do this once every weekend so that my friends and family can have an idea of what I’m up to!

I hear you – there’s ALWAYS a story with me. Nothing happens simply in my life. I promise if there’s a really, really good story that goes along with a photo, I will try to explain. And hopefully post some recipes every now and then (especially once my KitchenAid makes its grand appearance this weekend!).

I’ll start with a picture review of Baltimore so far…highlights include: fun running races, having my bike stolen and buying an even more awesome bike, long bike rides with great friends, “Friendsgiving,” joining Christ Lutheran Church, breaking my sacrum in the snow, finding out I’m going to be an AUNT AGAIN!, fun cocktail parties, and meeting so many great friends!


















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