Bike Bmore

I knew that moving to the city meant finding new ways of transportation. I refused to drive in he city when I lived here before and want to continue this philosophy. I sacrificed living near the metro to be in the neighborhood I wanted, so biking it is! Who would have ever thought?!


I LOVE it! So far, the drivers are very alert as there are so many cyclists around. Most of the streets have bike lanes and Federal Hill is especially bike-friendly. I have practiced going to work several times, but am trying it for real tomorrow (yikes!!). I felt so accomplished on Sunday when I biked to church and then to the farmers market, so I’m hoping to have this same feeling tomorrow. Biking to the market several times has convinced me that I need a basket!! Carrying watermelons and cantaloupes in my backpack is NOT functional and not so great for my back. Because its a road bike, it looks like the cute, globally handmade basket I wanted wont fit on the front so I think I’ll have to settle for a rear rack and some bungee cords, but that’s ok. Without the basket, I do need to find a way to ‘girl-a-fy’ my bike. Maybe some flowers. Like in the picture at the bottom would be ideal.

We will see how tomorrows commute goes. It’s only my second day of work, so I think I’m most nervous about forgetting something, especially since I’m going to take a change of clothes. Hopefully it’s all there!! Speaking of work, today was great! It felt so good to finally be at my desk (YES, I have a desk!) and know that everything is working out even after my absence at the end of the week. Turns out, being at work is 10 million times better than being in the hospital.

Here’s to hoping for continued health and a great start to my career! Also, to meeting my goal of commuting with my cool bike πŸ™‚ I feel motivated after sitting in ridiculous traffic downtown as I left work today.


Happy biking πŸ™‚



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