Baltimore Space

Finally settled in Charm City! I couldn’t be happier! My new place is a converted convent attached to the Catholic Church. My specific apartment is what used to be the Chapel area. The original stained glass remains and gives the apartment such great character. The move was as seamless as I could have hoped for and I’m reacquainting myself with all of my favorite Baltimore things as well as new spots in my neighborhood. City life is great! 

Here are some photos of my “first place.” I think my favorite thing about my space is the mixed media feel and the special pieces that have such great sentimental value from some of the most important people in my life…


The gallery wall (thanks, Momma)! It features photographs, mostly my own, of some of my favorite spots around the world. Mostly Russia, obviously. Image

This could possibly be the most beautiful orchid I have ever seen. Such a special addition to my living room space from my mother – a constant reminder of how special she is. It’s sitting in a piece of handmade pottery from NC, a generous housewarming gift from a longtime friend. I love that it’s a reminder of home in the NC mountains.

ImageMY CHAIR!! So happy to be reunited with this gem. A “donation” from a great college friend. It was covered in a gorgeous vintage bird print fabric. The upholsterer said this was the original fabric as it had never been recovered. Thanks to Cousin Al, the chair has been upcycled with this fabulous print. I have only sat in the chair ONE time – it’s off limits!

ImageImageLove, Love, Love the stained glass. Especially in the mornings and evenings when it reflects the rainbow colors onto the wall. 

ImageAnother sentimental photograph of my grandmother, Callie. She is such an inspiration and this photo is a reminder to enjoy every day, as well as to remember her before Alzheimer’s took such a toll on her spirit. And a beautiful gift from my Uncle and Aunt, a reminder of how blessed I am with family. 

ImageW&L had to be represented! Along with a piece of pottery from Costa Rica – I am working hard to save for a trip back there.Image

A pledge for each day as I leave my apartment.ImageOkay, I had to show off the kitchen. Isn’t it fabulous?! Finally, enough counter space for my messy cooking. 

ImageMore stained glass! And my fresh herbs 🙂

I may not leave this place…can I rent to own?!

Thanks for reading and happy decorating 🙂







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