Blueberry Salmon

Being in Pinehurst this summer has been such a blessing…in many ways. I have always loved the Village: it’s peaceful, friendly and relaxed. There isn’t a place I would have rather been to study for the Board exam. Surprisingly, the weather was so nice through most of the summer, which allowed for mornings spent studying on the deck and listening to the sound of the golfers teeing off for their morning round of golf. 


My precious plants didn’t agree that Pinehurst was the best place for them (or maybe it was my lack of a green thumb?!). The cilantro promptly turned brown, frying in the heat. The mint, oregano and sage; however, grew like weeds – of course the ones that I do not use as frequently! The dill continued to grow well until just recently and it seemed to take the same course as the cilantro. And, I’m pretty sure the basil drowned in the what-seemed-like-forever stretch of storms recently. The tomatoes…well, they had a different fate. I only had 1 that actually looked promising, although it was likely the smallest tomato known to man. I left it on the vine to ripen to perfection. On my way to the gym last week, I ran into the nice lady who I frequently see walking along the cart path in the mornings. I remember her because she always picks flowers from the bushes near the condo and stuffs them into her workout shirt. I stopped and asked her to feel free to take some fresh herbs and jalapenos since I would never, ever be able to eat all that was available. Considering I only had ONE tomato, I simply said that they weren’t quite ready so maybe not to take one of those. 


As I walked back up to the condo from the gym, I glanced over at my tomato plant to find…She. Took. My. Only. Tomato!! I was happy to see that a second one was just beginning to ripen, so I laughed it off and looked forward to trying that one in a few days. So, yesterday, I went out for an early run since it’s beginning to get so hot during the day. As always, I like to “assess” my harvest in the mornings haha. It’s fun to see the changes. The tomato seemed like it was finally perfect and I decided to pick it once I returned. Wait for it. Oh yes, it was gone when I returned! She took it again!!! Oh. My. Goodness. She must have enjoyed the first one, and here’s to hoping she enjoyed the second one! 

Finally, here’s the reason for this post…one of my favorite all time recipes: Blueberry salmon! I actually did put some of that crazy growing mint to use – I think that stuff is for sure genetically modified – I think it may spread to the golf course, even if the roots are contained in a tiny pot…


I love this dish because the sweetness of the blueberry sauce balances so well with the savory salmon. Plus, the chopped fresh mint adds that last element of “tang.” I grilled some broccoli simply coated with some olive oil and fresh ground pepper. Grilling vegetables on a skewer is my “new thing” – I think I even like it more than roasting. The vegetables stay a little crunchy, but that nice charcoal flavor comes through and still brings out the sweetness of the veggies. 

The recipe can be found here:

Here’s to hoping I someday get to try out my homegrown tomatoes! 

Happy cooking! And gardening? I never thought I would be saying that…




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