Exactly what I want?

How many times in life can you say you got “exactly” what you wanted? I think it’s a difficult feat. However, I enjoy getting exactly what I want…hence the title of this blog. I want to have my cake and eat it, too.

I found this chair on Pinterest:


And I fell in love.

My very special wing-back chair that I inherited from a dear friend during college is definitely making the upcoming move to Baltimore with me. I was hoping for a bird pattern to recover the chair in, since it’s currently covered in a vintage peacock print. Al and I spent today searching for the perfect fabric. I showed the sales lady this picture so she would have an idea of what I was looking for. Turns out…SHE HAD IT!!!!!!!!!!! The EXACT pattern…seriously? Seriously. It’s a bit bold and definitely took some consideration, but I couldn’t imagine my perfect new apartment without it (despite the hefty price tag…I mean whatever, when have I ever cared about price?). That is the story of how, today, I had my cake and ate it, too. It was amazing.

Also, another story of things that only happen to me. The sales lady asked what was taking me to Baltimore. I explained my new job and expressed my excitement since this position has been my dream since interning there last year. She started to CRY!?! Her eyes filled up with tears and she said, “It just brings tears to my eyes because I am so proud of you. How exciting!” I have never met this woman. No lie. At the same time, what a compliment – I actually enjoyed her emotion. The best part was that she commented on how much she enjoyed witnessing me and Al work together choosing fabric…He was certainly a huge help today.

Here are some pictures of other ideas for my new place:


I ordered these barstools –  I love the simplicity and vintage look.


I found 2 vintage WWII trunks at a yard sale this past weekend to stack as end tables. I’m hoping for a look similar to this. I’m loving the combo of modern/vintage for the space.


I’m hoping to incorporate a photo collage wall over the sofa in the living area. I love that this one mixes frame colors…maybe I’ll even mix black/white and color photos.

So grateful to have found EXACTLY what I was looking for today and decide to go for it! What a great feeling 🙂

Happy decorating!


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