Clinical Rotation #2: Pinehurst

Pinehurst has always been one of my favorite places – it’s peaceful, beautiful and very unique in what it has to offer. I did not choose Pinehurst as my second clinical rotation; it sort of chose me. The clinical I had chosen (in middle-of-nowhere Georgia), was cancelled due to funding issues, so Pinehurst was one of my replacement options. Fate would have it that I was supposed to be here for those 12 weeks. I was a little apprehensive about living here because I do have such great memories here and love Pinehurst so much. I was afraid some of those would be tainted if I did not have a positive clinical experience here. 

Fortunately, that was not the case! It was perfect. Even with my gaudy air cast, I was able to make it through the rotation and enjoy the beautiful view from the condo deck.ImageMy workload was light since it was acute care and rehab, so I had plenty of time for cooking classes at Elliott’s, hot yoga and walks on the golf course (after my fibula healed, of course). The best part was being in the condo over the holidays so I could decorate and make it “mine.” It’s amazing what happens when you feel ownership over a place, which I definitely do here. I might steal it and stay…





The Parade of Carriages in Downtown Southern Pines was so fun and unique. The horses and decorated carriages were beautiful – the perfect way to be in the holiday spirit!


So…before this next picture can even be viewed, it needs explanation. The “ELF” visits our home every Christmas and Brynna impatiently waits for the moment he arrives. From that moment on, moving the elf around to secret and hilarious spots around the house becomes a top priority (and slightly annoying!). But, none the less, it’s funny. This year, the elf so kindly brought Brynna and I matching pajamas to wear Christmas Eve. 

THIS is what he brought…seriously. They say “Moose Caboose.” Pretty sure they don’t make those in the North Pole.


Merry Christmas (in July!) from the Moose Caboose twins 🙂



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