Clinical Rotation 1…BALTIMORE!

SInce I failed to update anything during my past year of clinical rotations, I will post the highlights from each one. Obviously, Baltimore was my favorite. What’s not to love? Great city, pediatrics, amazing friends, perfect weather, and fun memories from family visits. 







The Farmer’s Market was my all time favorite thing about Baltimore. Nothing made me happier than waiting in line for the “mushroom lady” to call my number…then I could finally indulge in her marinated portobello mushrooms, smoked to perfection, topped with sage, arugula, feta cheese and hot sauce. The mini-donuts are also worth the wait, especially in the fall when they have pumpkin donuts! WHAT!?!

Faidley’s really does have the best crabcakes. As sketch as the Lexington Market may appear, everyone is so nice and the crabcakes are worth the risk, promise!

I left out pictures of the Baltimore Running Festival. Such a fun race and was a personal record for me, but considering I also ended up in the ER with a broken leg, it’s a little bit of a bittersweet memory. 

I still love Baltimore and I’m so thankful that as I write this so many months later, I know I’m returning to make Charm City my permanent home 🙂

Happy travels to Baltimore!


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