Morning Glory

In ‘break-up recovery’ mode, there are few places I would rather be than Pinehurst. I originally decided to come here for a quiet, relaxing place to study for boards. Turns out, I was going to need the serenity for a little more than that…

Studying is definitely NOT so fun and my ability to concentrate has severely diminished over the past year during clinical rotations. So, I include other fun activities, like baking and running. 

After my beautiful morning run over the weekend (before the torrential rain set in), I had a glorious breakfast out on the patio with the geese. I love watching them swim across the water. Last week, 2 hunting dogs were out on the golf course and decided to take a swim to chase the geese. One of the dogs ran laps around the pond to make sure none of the geese escaped, meanwhile the other was in the water swimming after them. Poor geese – they get no breaks.

Breakfast included some Zeke’s coffee and Michele’s granola – best ever straight from Baltimore 🙂 And I found some great coffee bean shaped ice cube trays at Target – fill them with coffee and freeze – add milk = amazing iced coffee!



The torrential rain continued today – with thunderstorms! I am always amazed at how many golfers are still out despite the weather. They have all the gear: umbrellas, rain jackets, plastic wraps for the golf cart…and…they’re still soaking wet. Is it really that enjoyable?! I found it much drier inside baking these Morning Glory Muffins. I had these at the Holly Springs Farmer’s Market and, after a little research, discovered a great recipe from a cafe in Nantucket. They were SO, SO delicious! Image

ImageThey are filled with shredded carrots, apples, walnuts, golden raisins and sugar…how could you go wrong? The recipe can be found here:  I am so grateful to have my sweet neighbors to share treats with! They are the cutest couple ever and, unfortunately, he just sustained a pretty severe eye injury after a branch came through his golf cart. Yikes! Like I said, those golfers are serious…hopefully the muffins will help!

They were super easy to make and I would say they were inexpensive – EXCEPT – as per usual, I was missing a key ingredient or equipment. This time, it was a grater, clearly a necessity. Was I able to buy the simple $5 grater at the store? Um…no! I needed the box grater with 4 different sizes of grate to choose from (because someday I will need them all!) and a collection storage container that snaps to the bottom (COOL!). $17.99 later + tax, I was ready to grate my carrots. And yes, it was TOTALLY worth it. Oh, and it’s dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Too bad the dishwasher is broken…

Happy baking 🙂




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