EuroCruise 2012

WOW…it has been over a year since I posted a new entry! So much for that New Year’s Resolution. What a year it has been! I think I will start from where I left off and spend the next few weeks posting highlights of the major events from this amazing year. 

After Duke’s White Coat Ceremony, Brooke and I quickly jumped into the car and drove to Morganton to begin our trip of a lifetime! Definitely should have blogged about this while I was there, however, considering the cost of internet on the cruise ship, I settled for a personal journal. We visited Berlin, St. Petersburg, Tallin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki.

Here are some photo highlights of our journey…Image

It was so great to finally have a vacation with the entire family. Thankfully, Daddy surprised me and Brooke with our own balcony room! The 4 of us may have been a little cramped in 1 room.


My lifelong dream came true! RUSSIA and the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood


Every place we visited was so beautiful and we felt we didn’t have enough time in any 1 place (well, everyone thought we had plenty of time in Russia except for me, but that is another story). I would definitely want to return to Scandinavia for a longer period. 


The Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki

ImageMomma wasn’t feeling well on the last night of the trip, so she and Brooke decided to stay in and rest. Daddy and I had a fun dinner in Copenhagen – it is one of my favorite memories from the trip! We ate at a restaurant recommended by the hotel concierge called “Puk” and the food was great! I tried to make sure I had “local” food from each country we went to and this was perfect. Copenhagen was by far one of my favorite cities on the trip and I would love to go back and do a bike tour through the area. How fun!

After reminiscing, I have the travel bug AGAIN! I don’t think it ever goes away.

Happy traveling 🙂



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