Posted in July 2013

Blueberry Salmon

Being in Pinehurst this summer has been such a blessing…in many ways. I have always loved the Village: it’s peaceful, friendly and relaxed. There isn’t a place I would have rather been to study for the Board exam. Surprisingly, the weather was so nice through most of the summer, which allowed for mornings spent studying … Continue reading

Exactly what I want?

How many times in life can you say you got “exactly” what you wanted? I think it’s a difficult feat. However, I enjoy getting exactly what I want…hence the title of this blog. I want to have my cake and eat it, too. I found this chair on Pinterest: And I fell in love. My … Continue reading

Clinical Rotation #2: Pinehurst

Pinehurst has always been one of my favorite places – it’s peaceful, beautiful and very unique in what it has to offer. I did not choose Pinehurst as my second clinical rotation; it sort of chose me. The clinical I had chosen (in middle-of-nowhere Georgia), was cancelled due to funding issues, so Pinehurst was one … Continue reading

Clinical Rotation 1…BALTIMORE!

SInce I failed to update anything during my past year of clinical rotations, I will post the highlights from each one. Obviously, Baltimore was my favorite. What’s not to love? Great city, pediatrics, amazing friends, perfect weather, and fun memories from family visits.      The Farmer’s Market was my all time favorite thing about … Continue reading

Morning Glory

In ‘break-up recovery’ mode, there are few places I would rather be than Pinehurst. I originally decided to come here for a quiet, relaxing place to study for boards. Turns out, I was going to need the serenity for a little more than that… Studying is definitely NOT so fun and my ability to concentrate … Continue reading

EuroCruise 2012

WOW…it has been over a year since I posted a new entry! So much for that New Year’s Resolution. What a year it has been! I think I will start from where I left off and spend the next few weeks posting highlights of the major events from this amazing year.  After Duke’s White Coat … Continue reading