Wicked (literally) weekend

I have been trying to find time to blog for the past several weeks, but am happy to say I have been too busy with super fun things. But, that just gives me more exciting blog ideas! It’s a beautiful evening and, since I only have class 2 days a week now, I decided it was the perfect night to sit on the porch and write about my awesome weekend with my mother and sister 🙂

My mom visited a few weeks ago so that we could celebrate her birthday a little late…with her foot surgery, it was difficult to celebrate in March minus the delicious Date Cake you read about earlier. Here are some highlights from our weekend:

We visited Gregory Vineyards in Angier. It’s a fairly new winery, but they make amazing muscadine wines! Turns out the owner’s wife is from my hometown and the wines are named from several people that my mom and I actually knew. Her sister even worked at my grandparent’s retail store many years ago- what a small world!! They have fun paddleboats, cheese and wine pairing and a winery tour. Unfortunately, they didn’t really help us get the paddle boat into the water and it was beached on a muddy hill. Seriously, they didn’t even have a dock. Muscle woman (me) pushed and pulled and shoved in all kinds of directions with my mom in the boat to finally get it into the water. It was a little messy, but hysterical. Even more interesting was trying to get the boat back up onto shore. At least I knew there was wine after!


A view of the beautiful vineyard and a terrible shot of me trying to clean off my feet! What a mess!

Gregory Vineyards has a great standing Groupon deal, so check them out if you’re going to be in the area!

Of course, we had dinner at Caffe Luna in Downtown Raleigh. I have posted about them before, so I will spare you another paragraph about how absolutely amazing the food is! But, you should go ASAP!

We were able to get tickets for Wicked at DPAC – amazing show! It was the first show I have seen at DPAC and it was fantastic. It has been so long since I have read the book that I was still surprised at the ending!

A shot of the girls at Caffe Luna!

I was so grateful to spend a fun weekend with them – I’m learning quickly how important that time is.

On that note, happy family time 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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