Why Riding Boots are Cool

Sometimes I think people look at me and feel a sudden, irresistible urge to pick on me. Not in a bullying or mean way…just fun. But, why? I do not like nor dislike this trait about myself – my dad, brother-in-law and many people in between have made me immune to any feelings towards being picked on. It is what it is. But, when it’s random strangers (and lately it has been), I have to pause and assess the situation. Frankly, it creeps me out.

I was enjoying lunch today with my lovely mother in my hometown (as if you didn’t already know that’s where I was…where else would this happen?) You must also picture what I was wearing – it was something like this:

Thank you polyvore.com! My obsession of creating outfits is now online 🙂

I will admit that my outfit was much cooler than this since I was sporting my new BCBG leggings from Chicago with a white and tan strip down the side. My riding boots are also two-tone, but with a lighter middle color. Trust me, all of this is very relevant to my story. And to further preface what happened, the striped leggings and boots combined really do look like genuine ‘riding’ gear, but that’s the point, right?

Anyway, story continued: I picked up our trash after our meal and passed by a couple walking out of the door. They were likely middle aged and you should also know that I have never seen or met them before. NEVER. As I walked by, the man stopped me and said, “Oh, do you ride?” My only response, obviously, was, “Excuse me?” He repeated, “Do you ride horses, you know, since you’re wearing those boots?” That’s what I thought he said the first time but since the question made absolutely no sense and seemed to have no relevance considering that the nearest horse stable is I don’t even know how far away, I asked him to repeat himself. Only to find that he repeated the same irrelevant question. I was so taken aback that I really had no time to come up with  a very clever response, so I said, “Oh, no, I just like these, it’s more for fun and fashion really.” Of course I tried to laugh a little since he seemed hysterically crazy. He laughed a little too much in response to my answer, hit me on the shoulder and said, “Oh, I’m just messin’ with ya!” Really. Really? As he walked out and passed my mother at our table he said (while still laughing), “Maybe I took it a little too far.” If you think you did, chances are you did. It definitely kept me laughing for the rest of the day and wondering why he decided to even comment. Did he think about how he was going to approach this? Did he think I looked that weird? Did it happen at the spur of the moment? And most importantly, what did his girlfriend/wife/friend say when they left the restaurant? Did she not think that was a little odd? These are the moments in life that I ask myself, “Where am I again?” and “Why did that just happen?”

But, I think he deserves a fashion update (he wasn’t exactly wearing the J. Crew fall collection). So, here’s to you Mr. I-Don’t-Like-Riding-Boots…

Vince Camuto ‘Kent Boot’ now 33% off at Nordstrom! Love the two-tone and sophisticated style of this!

Frye ‘Melissa Button’ Boot available at thefryecompany.com. Who doesn’t love and want  a Frye boot? The quality is unparalleled and their boots will likely never go out of style. They’re expensive, but well worth the investment and the sheer joy of knowing you’re walking in a Frye.

Ron White ‘Danielle’ Boot available at Nordstrom. Ok, ok, they’re outrageously expensive, but I couldn’t resist. Please, they have NASA engineered cushioning…who wouldn’t want that?! These are my favorites, not only because they are Italian leather and super luxurious, but they are timeless and perfect. Even Mr. I-Don’t-Like-Riding-Boots would appreciate all these boots have to offer.

In case that wasn’t enough to convince you that riding boots are cool, here are some fall fashion images I love…

The Ralph Lauren fall 2011 collection agrees…and admits that it is a timeless addition to any woman’s                                                                                          fall wardrobe.

   Cameron Diaz in Frye + Tory Burch on the right

While I’m probably not tall enough for this, I love the look.

Ok, Mr. I-Don’t-Like-Riding-Boots, I hope you’re convinced of their awesomeness now. Just because I’m not a world-champion rider does not mean I can’t wear my designer riding boots out to lunch. If I could, I would wear boots ALL the time and I would own a closet full of Frye’s…well, maybe with a Tory Burch pair thrown in.

Thanks for reading! Oh, and go boot shop – the sales are ahhmazzingg right now.

Happy shopping!





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