Culinary Adventures!

I realize I have completely failed with my New Year’s Resolution to blog once a week. In my defense, school has been extra busy and I went to Chicago (blog to follow!), but I will have plenty of time to make up for it over Spring Break next week 🙂

Not only is Pinterest my favorite way to multi-task during class and procrastinate at home, but it provides amazing recipes! So, below are 2 of my new favorites…as well as one recipe that definitely failed – maybe you have some suggestions!

Zucchini Chips

I am obsessed with veggie chips, but at $5.99 at Kroger, I rarely indulge. When I found several recipes online,  I decided I would give it a try. FAIL. I baked them for over 3 hours, yes, THREE. The recipes all said it was best to bake them at your oven’s lowest temperature to help them dry out. Fair enough, but 3 hours? Really, people? In the end, I turned the oven up to 400 just to make them crispy.

They look pretty, right? Once they were crispy, they were actually very tasty – seasoned with cayenne pepper, black pepper, italian seasonings. I stored them in a plastic bag overnight for lunch the next day. They were soft again!! And, honestly, pretty gross. I have no idea how to make them better…or maybe they just need to be eaten immediately. It looks like I need to invest in a dehydrator to enjoy my homemade veggie chips.

So, onto more successful and much more delicious ideas!

Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp

My absolute new favorite blog is SkinnyTaste. I will likely be posting many of her recipes on here because I am addicted, but you should check it out! The curry shrimp was one of the first recipes I made from her blog and it was so tasty and healthy.


I served it with jasmine rice (Mahatma brand is my favorite and so quick and easy in a rice cooker). Only 135 calories per serving, which is actually enough for dinner, even for me. One serving of rice is about 190 calories, but in total, still not too bad for dinner. Try the recipe!

I would NEVER forget about dessert (well, in this case, it was breakfast, snack and dessert!)

Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Loaf

I found this recipe via pinterest and it’s by far a new favorite. The yogurt make the bread extra moist and the syrup is actually poured into the baked bread giving it a sweetness throughout. Then topped with icing for added deliciousness.


The microplane pictured on the left is probably the best gadget that ever entered my kitchen. Perfect for grating ginger or zesting lemons and limes. If you don’t have one, buy one.

 The lemon juice in this seems like a lot, but it’s the perfect amount of ‘tangy-ness.’ It compliments the sweetness of the syrup and icing.

This bread is perfect for a sweet breakfast treat! Enjoy! Find the recipe here.

When you click for these recipes, enjoy the really amazing pictures on their websites 🙂 My cooking never quite looks like it’s supposed to and the pictures never come out as I would like. In real life, it never looks like the pictures and I am ok with that (well…I think I am anyway).

Happy Baking!


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